Work: Branding, Art Direction, Print Assets, Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy
Date: 2020

Details: All Places is the pinnacle of bad-assery. Creating reality from vivacious visions, not being defined by predetermined roles, not letting anything set you back. All places is the junction of hustlers and visionaries. This is a powerhouse of determined and vigorous women—after all, it's up to us to continue the movement that our grandmothers and great grandmothers started.

︎︎︎My Role: Senior Designer
︎︎︎Studio: Outset
︎︎︎Photographer: Colette Aboussouan
︎︎︎Producer: Ariana Trineer, Keira Danehy
︎︎︎Designers: Kat Jones
︎︎︎Web Design: Kat Jones, Jamie Wright